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American Board of Dental & Hygiene Licensure Prep Courses, Inc is a concierge tutoring service of all dental professions. We cater to current students, graduated students, international students/professionals, and national licensed professionals. We give each student a pre-assessment test to identify skill and academic weaknesses and tutor only those areas of weakness. We do offer tutoring in all subjects areas, but each tutoring package is built around the student needs rather than an overview of each subject area. This is what sets us apart from other board review resources! We develop each package around each individual student rather than fitting all students into a programmed package. Our tutoring workshops encourage hands-on learning through skills practice on anatomically correct, periodontally involved typodonts, including face, lips, and contained oral cavities. We provide each student with thorough written content, verbal and visual communications, summaries of tutoring, and resources for clarity for each subject weakness. At the completion of the final tutoring session, a post-assessment is completed to measure progress and confirmation of knowledge fulfillment.

We are passionate about helping students gain the required skills to not only succeed in dental professions, but to shine! We help multiple student scenarios:

So as you can see, we strive to reduce exam failure rates, to bring students back into the dental field who previously lost hope, and to give guidance to those not from this area. We are delighted to offer "optimism" to each individual as we design a tutoring program that is tailored to meet each specific need! Every one of our students have had successful exam results, giving our company a 100% passing rate from the very start. Take a look at the tutoring package that fits your scenario best and, you too, can successfully reach your educational goals!


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